Granite or quartzite? Choosing the perfect material for your project

Picture of a stone quarry in operation.

Granite or quartzite? Choosing the perfect material for your project

Natural stone countertops are a timeless choice, right? Not all surfaces withstand everyday use equally well, so it is good to know the differences. Two popular types of natural stone are granite and quartzite. Although they look similar at first glance, they have distinct differences that may influence your choice. We are happy to explain more about them. So you can make an informed choice and be assured of the. best end result.

It all starts in the earth’s crust

We start with granite. This is an igneous rock formed by the slow crystallisation of magma deep in the Earth’s crust. It consists mainly of quartz, feldspar and mica. The combination of these minerals results in its unique appearance and long life. Granite is a hard material that can take a beating. So it is ideal for the kitchen! Quartzite, on the other hand, is a metamorphic rock derived from sandstone. The extreme heat and pressure in the earth’s crust change this sandstone into quartzite. It therefore consists almost entirely of quartz crystals. The material is therefore remarkably hard and, like granite, resistant to everyday use.


We measure the hardness of natural stone using the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. An excellent tool for comparing different stone types. Granite scores a mark between six and seven on this scale. Practically speaking, that means it has good wear resistance, but in some cases can be prone to chipping and scratching. Quartzite scores a seven on this scale. It is just a little more resistant to scratches and wear, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as kitchens.


Not entirely unimportant: the appearance of your new kitchen worktop. Granite offers a wide range of colours and patterns. The hue depends on the mineral composition and geological origin. Thus, two pieces of granite bearing the same name may have a different colour. Purely because one slab was quarried a hundred metres away. This makes each slab of granite unique. Just as the stone shines in your kitchen, it does not do so anywhere else in the world. No two kitchens are the same. Quartzite usually has a more uniform and elegant look. It is mostly light-coloured or has a white base with subtle veins. As a result, the material is refined and fits well in modern and sleek kitchens.


Clear differences are seen in the density of the material. This indicates how often it needs to be maintained. Granite is somewhat porous. This means that the rock is not completely sealed. It is therefore important to periodically impregnate a granite worktop. This way, you will prevent stains. The degree of porosity again differs per granite type. Quartzite is considerably less porous than granite. This makes it resistant to stains and moisture. The material therefore does not need to be impregnated as often. This saves maintenance!

Material costs

The biggest difference is in the cost of materials. Granite wins here and is significantly kinder to your budget than quartzite. This is because the material is easier to obtain and because there are many different types. Quartzite is a bit more expensive because of its easy maintenance and durable properties.

To conclude, choosing granite or quartzite ultimately depends on your preferences, budget and the specific requirements for your project. Both stone types are excellent options for countertops, flooring and various other applications, and each offers its own unique blend of beauty and durability. Whether you prefer cost-effectiveness or a distinctive look, both granite and quartzite are great choices to apply in your project.


PITT cooking Outdoor

Introducing the Ideal Outdoor Cooking Solution with PITT cooking Outdoor.

PITT cooking Outdoor, the addition that will upgrade your Outdoor Kitchen. Experience the ultimate outdoor cooking setup with PITT Cooking Outdoor. Whether in your garden, on your terrace, or even on a boat, we bring your dream kitchen to the great outdoors.

With the innovative PITT Cooking Outdoor set, you can now enjoy the pleasure of cooking on the designer hobs in an outdoor setting. Thanks to the modular concept, this outdoor cooking system seamlessly adapts to any type of outdoor kitchen, whether it’s large, small, fixed, or mobile.

The PITT Cooking Outdoor set includes:

  1. The PITT Cooking Outdoor kit +
  2. Your preferred PITT Cooking configuration from the Outdoor assortment

Our comprehensive Outdoor assortment offers a range of 1-, 2-, and 3-burner models, providing you with ample choices. These models can also be combined to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Key Features of the PITT Cooking Outdoor assortment:

  1. Burner Edition: Choose between the sleek and professional Burner edition or the stylish Black edition.
  2. Control Knobs: Opt for the convenient Top Side control knobs, ensuring easy access and comfortable usage.
  3. Gas Connection: Select between a natural gas connection or bottled gas (LPG), offering flexibility based on your requirements.

With PITT Cooking Outdoor, you can elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue party, preparing a delicious meal on your terrace, or exploring culinary adventures on a boat, the outdoor cooking solution delivers exceptional performance and versatility.

Transform your outdoor space into a culinary oasis with PITT Cooking Outdoor and savor the joys of cooking in the open air.

More information about the PITT cooking company

PITT Cooking is a Dutch company known for its innovative and stylish gas burners for kitchens. Founded in 2010, the company has gained recognition for its unique approach to cooking appliances, which combines functionality with a sleek and minimalist design.

At the core of PITT Cooking’s philosophy is the concept of separating the burners from the traditional stove. Instead of having a centralized cooktop, PITT Cooking offers individual gas burners that can be placed anywhere on the kitchen countertop. This modular design allows for more flexibility in terms of layout and cooking arrangements, enabling users to create a personalized and efficient workspace.

The burners themselves are meticulously crafted, featuring high-quality materials and precise engineering. PITT Cooking offers a range of burner options, including standard burners, wok burners, and teppanyaki plates, catering to various cooking styles and preferences. The burners are designed to provide excellent heat distribution and control, ensuring optimal cooking results.

One of the distinguishing features of PITT Cooking’s burners is the absence of traditional burner caps or grates. Instead, the burners have a flat, seamless surface that makes them easy to clean and maintain. This streamlined design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the burners but also enhances their functionality. This is why a lot of architects like to use PITT cooking in their designs and projects.

PITT Cooking’s products are often praised for their versatility and integration capabilities. The individual burners can be combined with with stone ceramic or Dekton countertops, to create a cohesive and customized cooking environment.

In addition to their functional benefits, PITT Cooking’s burners have won several design awards for their sleek and modern appearance. The company’s commitment to aesthetics and craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the choice of materials to the precise manufacturing processes.

PITT Cooking has established itself as a premium brand in the kitchen appliance industry, and its products are highly sought after by both homeowners and professional chefs. The company’s burners can be found in high-end kitchens and culinary establishments worldwide, contributing to a sophisticated and efficient cooking experience.

With its innovative design, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, PITT Cooking continues to push the boundaries of traditional kitchen appliances, offering a fresh and contemporary approach to cooking.


Cosmolite – new sustainable composite range in our collection

Cosmolite®, a new sustainable product range in our collection. Are you an architect or product designer who is looking for a sustainable alternative for natural stone or composite? Or are you an interior builder who is looking for Cosmolite because your customer is asking this? Or are you a company/ private client who is looking for this ‘new’ material? Congrats, you just found Bespoke and we could help you with your Cosmolite® request.

Cosmolite® is a revolutionary kitchen top that offers durability, sustainability, and exceptional design. This innovative material is resistant to chipping, scratching, and staining, and has been tested for hygiene, making it safe for contact with food. With 20 available colors to choose from, you can create a stunning, coordinated look for your kitchen using 100% recycled minerals.

Cosmolite® is a Stone Italia material.

Developed using advanced technology, Cosmolite® slabs are made entirely of inert materials that differ from quartz and are derived from pre-consumer recycling. This results in surfaces that not only offer a unique visual effect but also high levels of workability and hygiene. Furthermore, Cosmolite® contributes to reducing environmental impact and promoting industrial renewal.

The five different collections of Cosmolite® slabs are perfect for extensive surfaces where environmental sensitivity is essential. The COSMO collection is ideal for those who appreciate individuality and want to add a touch of magic to their interiors. With its “speckled” texture, it evokes the beauty of the universe, including galaxies and the Milky Way.

The METEOR collection offers four pale, natural shades that recreate the elegant effect of stone. From the darkest to the most evanescent light, Meteor provides interiors with timeless charm and sophistication. The PLANET collection invites you to look up at the sky on a summer’s night and imagine the wonders of the universe. Traditional and nuanced, its design details are always contemporary.

With the K-STAR collection, Cosmolite® offers a grittier, more modern range of colors and visual appearances, including the striking Stargreen shade. Finally, the VENANTIS collection is characterized by thin through veins that run all over the surface, creating a sense of continuity in the design and aesthetics of the final product.

Overall, Cosmolite® is an exceptional product that combines innovation, sustainability, and beauty. By choosing this product for your kitchen, you are making a statement about your commitment to the environment and your appreciation for stunning design.

Maximum dimensions Cosmolite

Cosmolite® maximum dimensions 144x307x2cm or if you prefer to know the maximum size in millimeters, the maximum dimensions of Cosmolite slabs are 1440x3070x20mm

Cosmolite collection 2023

Ventais collection:

These colors in the Cosmolite Ventais collection are: Black Juno, Green Artemis, Beige Igea, Grey Argo, Grey Titano and White Teti.

Cosmolite venatis collection


Meteor collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite Meteor collection are: Meteor Ice, Meteor Gold, Meteor Light and Meteor Dark.

cosmolite meteor collection


K-Star collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite K-Start collection are: Starblack, Stargreen, Stargrey and Starwhite.

cosmolite planet

Planet collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite Planet collection are White Planet, Black Planet and Grey Planet.

cosmolite planet

Cosmo collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite Cosmo collection are: Cosmo, Mint and astro.

Cosmolite cosmo collection

Feel free to contact our specialist to discuss the possibilities or to do a request for quotation.


Imperiale Verder Borgogna

Imperiale Verde Borgogna is undoubtedly an exciting colour. With a colour palette of many green layers and a mix of green, brown, yellow and white, it looks like a picture of the Amazon.

The Verde Borgoña as this stone is actually called is a dark green serpentinite from Iran. This stone is also known as the

Available as: Verde Borgogna Granite, Verde Borgogna Quartzite, Verde Borgogna Serpentinite, Verde Borgogna Marble.

As you can already read, it can be either quartzite, granite or marble. To bring only the best into your home, we have included this colour in our ceramic range.

This stone is a bold choice for any project, from a back wall to a kitchen island Bespoke1988 will realise your dream project.


Travertino Classico

Travertine Romano Classico (Travertino Classico) is a beige limestone with distinct veins throughout the stone. Mined in Tivoli, Italy. Travertine has many holes, which is plugged with resin. Travertine is a lot softer than granite, making it excessively scratch and stain sensitive. Travertine is perfect for outdoor use but we do not recommend it for interior work.

New in our range is the Imperiale Travertino. Ceramic with the same look and feel;

A beige cream-coloured ceramic with beautiful fine light brown veins that gives it the coveted warm look. Known in some cases as Moon Travertino Classico

Travertine back from the past

Like Terrazzo, Travertin has been ”out” for quite a while. In the past, these were actually popular materials that were used frequently. Now they are back.

Travertine gives a warm natural look without being overpowering. So now in the in popular ceramics.

Ceramic is the right choice if you want to enjoy your kitchen worktop carefree. Ceramic is extremely hard, heat and scratch resistant and, above all, very beautiful.

Wondering what Bespoke1988 can add to your project? Then get in touch with us.


Silver Roots

Silver roots is known for a mix of silver and gold, warmth and coolness, subtly powerful. This marble from Turkey begins with a soft, silvery taupe base interwoven with thin strands of deep gold, as if dripping all over the slab. Wider, more powerful, crystalline anthracite veins also ripple on the surface, with occasional inclusions resembling a handful of black sand from a shell-strewn tropical beach.

Silver Roots marble slabs bring an elegant, rustic beauty to any room. A beautiful combination of browns, taupes and grays create a beautiful pattern that adds texture and character to your interior.

Our range of natural stone can be customized for any project. Contact our team of experts for possible finishing instructions.

The Imperiale Silver Roots now also as ceramic

Bespoke is adding this material type to its ceramic range because, in addition to being a beautiful material, it is also a very popular one.

The maximum plate size of this ceramic is 3150x1500x12mm or 315x150x1,2cm.

The available finish at the time of writing is polished.

As an example a picture of the slab:



Imperiale Patagonia

Quartzsite Imperiale Patagonia, also known as Patagonian natural stone is one of the most extraordinary and picturesque stones found in nature. A stone characterized by strength and hardness, it has a graphic effect of extraordinary beauty. Projects of this material are characterized by an extraordinary combination of shapes and colors.
White, black, beige and brown areas are interspersed with other shades of translucent gray quartz with golden streaks.
With beige and brown tones accented with translucent gray and gold stripes, this natural stone is perfect for kitchen countertops, water islands, outdoor kitchens , exterior and interior walls.

Patagonia Natural Stone is a very special granite and quartz stone quarried in Brazil. It shows fragments of different types of natural stone fused together to create an organic collage of shapes and colors.

There will always be some degree of color difference, even within the same batch. We work with an online warehouse to display the slabs to choose from.
This unique natural stone has one of the most striking speckled patterns, reminiscent of the rugged landscape from which it takes its name. Creates a striking effect and warm look in any room.

New to our ceramic collection.

New to our ceramics collection (the Keramik Collection) is Imperiale Patagonia.

This fantastic historic stone type now also with the advantages of ceramic. This material is available in a thickness of 12mm.

The maximum plate dimensions are 3150x1500x12mm or 315x150x1,2 cm.

Regarding the finish, it is important to know that at the time of writing it is available with a polished finish.

As an example, here is a picture of the plate:


Imperiale Calacatta Oro

Imperiale Calacatta Oro Keramik collection

The Ceramic Imperiale Calacatta Oro in the Keramik Collection is based on the Calacatta Oro Marble. To get some more feeling with this new ceramic colour, we like to highlight the caracteristics of this Calacatta Oro. This is a type of marble that originates from Italy. It is a rare and highly sought-after material that has been used in high-end construction and design projects for centuries. This beautiful stone is known for its distinct, bold veining patterns that range from dark to light brown, with some areas featuring subtle hints of gray and white.

One of the most striking features of Marble Calacatta Oro is its luxurious, creamy white background color, which provides a perfect canvas for the striking veining. The natural variations in the veining patterns make each slab of Calacatta Oro unique, adding to its appeal.

In terms of practical applications, Marble Calacatta Oro is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial projects.

However, due to its rarity and popularity, Marble Calacatta Oro is also one of the more expensive types of marble on the market. Its high cost is due to a combination of factors, including its limited availability, the cost of extracting and transporting the stone from quarries in Italy, and the expertise required to cut and shape the slabs. The more interesting it gets that we add this ceramic to our ‘Keramik collection’.

Despite its high cost, Marble Calacatta Oro is still a popular choice among homeowners, interior designers, and architects who appreciate its unique beauty and durability. Its bold veining patterns and creamy white background make it an ideal material for creating a statement piece in any room, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any design scheme.

In recent years, Marble Calacatta Oro has also become a popular material for sculptural pieces, such as statues and other art pieces, due to its striking appearance and durability. It has even been used in the construction of iconic buildings, including the lobby of a famous hotel in New York City.

In conclusion, Marble Calacatta Oro is a rare and highly coveted type of marble that offers a combination of beauty, durability, and practicality. Despite its high cost, it remains a popular choice among homeowners and designers who value its unique veining patterns and creamy white background. Whether used for countertops, flooring, or sculptural pieces, Calacatta Oro is sure to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any project.

Imperiale Calacatta Oro

This material will be available in 12mm thickness.

The surface is a Honed surface.

The maximum dimensions are 3150x1500x12mm or if you like to know the max size of this ceramic sheet in centimeters it is 315x150x1,2cm.

To get  an impression hereby a picture of the slab:
Imperiale Calacatta Oro


Energy saving with a Quooker Combi

The Quooker system is an energysaving option for delivering boiling water. If you need boiling water several times a day, the Quooker system uses no more energy than a kettle. The reason for the low energy consumption of the Quooker system lies under the worktop, but how does this actually work? Because the question is, can you save energy with a Quooker Combi?

The Quooker Combi is a system that provides both instant boiling water and hot water for your kitchen. It is an energyefficient system that uses a small amount of electricity to keep the water in the tank at temperature. In this article, we take a closer look at the energy consumption of the Quooker Combi.

The Quooker Combi system consists of a tank that is installed under the sink, a faucet that delivers boiling water and a mixer that delivers hot and cold water. The tank is connected to the cold water supply and is heated to a temperature of about 110°C (230°F converted). The tank is insulated to keep the water warm and reduce heat loss. The mixer tap is connected to the hot water supply and can be adjusted to control the temperature of the hot water.

The energy consumption of the Quooker Combi system can be divided into two parts: the energy used to heat the water in the tank, and the energy used to keep the water in the tank at temperature. The energy used to heat the water in the tank depends on the amount of water being heated and the temperature difference between the incoming cold water and the desired temperature of the hot water.

The Quooker Combi system is designed to be energy efficient and only heats the amount of water needed. This means that there is no waste of hot water and the system does not need to heat up water left in the tank. The system is also designed to be quick and easy to use, meaning that the hot water tap does not have to run for a long time to get hot water.

Reducing heat losses

The energy consumption of the Quooker Combi system also depends on the insulation of the tank. The tank is well insulated, keeping the energy used to heat the water within the tank. This reduces heat loss and minimizes the amount of energy needed to keep the water in the tank at temperature.

The Quooker Combi system also has a standby mode, which reduces energy consumption when the system is not in use. When not in use, the system goes into standby mode, which lowers the temperature of the water in the tank to save energy. When the system is used again, it quickly reheats the water to the desired temperature.