PITT cooking Outdoor


PITT cooking Outdoor

Introducing the Ideal Outdoor Cooking Solution with PITT cooking Outdoor.

PITT cooking Outdoor, the addition that will upgrade your Outdoor Kitchen. Experience the ultimate outdoor cooking setup with PITT Cooking Outdoor. Whether in your garden, on your terrace, or even on a boat, we bring your dream kitchen to the great outdoors.

With the innovative PITT Cooking Outdoor set, you can now enjoy the pleasure of cooking on the designer hobs in an outdoor setting. Thanks to the modular concept, this outdoor cooking system seamlessly adapts to any type of outdoor kitchen, whether it’s large, small, fixed, or mobile.

The PITT Cooking Outdoor set includes:

  1. The PITT Cooking Outdoor kit +
  2. Your preferred PITT Cooking configuration from the Outdoor assortment

Our comprehensive Outdoor assortment offers a range of 1-, 2-, and 3-burner models, providing you with ample choices. These models can also be combined to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Key Features of the PITT Cooking Outdoor assortment:

  1. Burner Edition: Choose between the sleek and professional Burner edition or the stylish Black edition.
  2. Control Knobs: Opt for the convenient Top Side control knobs, ensuring easy access and comfortable usage.
  3. Gas Connection: Select between a natural gas connection or bottled gas (LPG), offering flexibility based on your requirements.

With PITT Cooking Outdoor, you can elevate your outdoor cooking experience to new heights. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue party, preparing a delicious meal on your terrace, or exploring culinary adventures on a boat, the outdoor cooking solution delivers exceptional performance and versatility.

Transform your outdoor space into a culinary oasis with PITT Cooking Outdoor and savor the joys of cooking in the open air.

More information about the PITT cooking company

PITT Cooking is a Dutch company known for its innovative and stylish gas burners for kitchens. Founded in 2010, the company has gained recognition for its unique approach to cooking appliances, which combines functionality with a sleek and minimalist design.

At the core of PITT Cooking’s philosophy is the concept of separating the burners from the traditional stove. Instead of having a centralized cooktop, PITT Cooking offers individual gas burners that can be placed anywhere on the kitchen countertop. This modular design allows for more flexibility in terms of layout and cooking arrangements, enabling users to create a personalized and efficient workspace.

The burners themselves are meticulously crafted, featuring high-quality materials and precise engineering. PITT Cooking offers a range of burner options, including standard burners, wok burners, and teppanyaki plates, catering to various cooking styles and preferences. The burners are designed to provide excellent heat distribution and control, ensuring optimal cooking results.

One of the distinguishing features of PITT Cooking’s burners is the absence of traditional burner caps or grates. Instead, the burners have a flat, seamless surface that makes them easy to clean and maintain. This streamlined design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the burners but also enhances their functionality. This is why a lot of architects like to use PITT cooking in their designs and projects.

PITT Cooking’s products are often praised for their versatility and integration capabilities. The individual burners can be combined with with stone ceramic or Dekton countertops, to create a cohesive and customized cooking environment.

In addition to their functional benefits, PITT Cooking’s burners have won several design awards for their sleek and modern appearance. The company’s commitment to aesthetics and craftsmanship is evident in every detail, from the choice of materials to the precise manufacturing processes.

PITT Cooking has established itself as a premium brand in the kitchen appliance industry, and its products are highly sought after by both homeowners and professional chefs. The company’s burners can be found in high-end kitchens and culinary establishments worldwide, contributing to a sophisticated and efficient cooking experience.

With its innovative design, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, PITT Cooking continues to push the boundaries of traditional kitchen appliances, offering a fresh and contemporary approach to cooking.

Stijlvol wonen: Magnum Edition Deluxe by Luuk Kroekenstoel

About the project



Material Composite
Colour Ceasarstone 4130
Location Doetinchem, the Netherlands
Project finish 2019 august

Together with Luuk Kroekenstoel from Kroekenstoel Excellence Design, we got the opportunity to take care of the complete interior of a 1930s mansion. Luuk Kroekenstoel: ‘For me the interior means so much more than making a drawing for the customer. The interior tells the story of a person. It is like a mirror of how they are and where they want to go.’

Interior projects always start with an appointment at the head office of Kroekenstoel Excellence Design. The showroom gives a fantastic impression of all the possibilities this company offers. But the most important part of that showroom is the customer and his or her wishes. It starts with the basics: who is the customer? Does he live alone or with a busy family? What is his job? All these questions help Luuk to get an impression of who is sitting opposite him. He then compiles a profile so that he can make the best plans for the interior.

After this first meeting Luuk makes a sketch. He also creates a collage of materials and colours that belong to this specific client. This creates a complete illustration of a new interior. Luuk: ‘Combine the right colours, structures and materials, and you will see that they connect in just the perfect way.’

An important part of a luxurious interior is using the right materials for the kitchen worktop, the bathroom and the toilet. Through the questions Luuk asks his clients, Bespoke 1988 brings the appropriate advice. For example, if a client wants to use real marble, we look at the correct use of it. Nowadays there are alternatives available with a similar look. Imagine a busy family: a composite worktop offers a much better solution than traditional marble. The material is harder, more resistant to stains and has a matt finish. All properties that come in handy for a family.