The Art of Living, Editie 100: The Home Factory

About the project



Material Dekton
Color Sirius
Location Utrecht, the Netherlands
Project finish 2020 may

One of our most well-known projects was the delivery of Dekton in a 13th century mansion in the old city centre of Utrecht. The history of this building is impressive. It was built in the Middle Ages and has long been a bakery. After the baker stopped baking bread in 2004, the building remained empty for almost 15 years. During that time, it served mainly as a sleeping place for the homeless. In 2019, the building got a new owner who refurbished it. He created 6 unique lofts ranging in size from 200 to 270 square metres.

Historic buildings like this one offer many possibilities. In one of the lofts, the owner chose to partially remove the floor. In doing so, he wanted to emphasise the height of the building, and he succeeded. The ceiling is now 6 metres above the floor. The kitchen of this beautiful loft is located in the most sunny part of the house. The room is 5 metres high and 16 metres long. The kitchen itself is divided into three parts. The largest part contains a convenient kitchen block with an integrated stove and a black sink. In the middle of the kitchen, the worktop is being used as a bar to relax at after a long day at work. The end of the kitchen is used as a sideboard for the television. In this way, they create a multifunctional room that serves for optimal use of the available space.

For this project, we used Dekton Sirius. This material is very strong and has a slightly tangible structure. Two solid walls lower the worktop to the ground so that it becomes part of a larger whole. This gives the kitchen a warm and robust appearance.