Cosmolite – new sustainable composite range in our collection

Cosmolite®, a new sustainable product range in our collection. Are you an architect or product designer who is looking for a sustainable alternative for natural stone or composite? Or are you an interior builder who is looking for Cosmolite because your customer is asking this? Or are you a company/ private client who is looking for this ‘new’ material? Congrats, you just found Bespoke and we could help you with your Cosmolite® request.

Cosmolite® is a revolutionary kitchen top that offers durability, sustainability, and exceptional design. This innovative material is resistant to chipping, scratching, and staining, and has been tested for hygiene, making it safe for contact with food. With 20 available colors to choose from, you can create a stunning, coordinated look for your kitchen using 100% recycled minerals.

Cosmolite® is a Stone Italia material.

Developed using advanced technology, Cosmolite® slabs are made entirely of inert materials that differ from quartz and are derived from pre-consumer recycling. This results in surfaces that not only offer a unique visual effect but also high levels of workability and hygiene. Furthermore, Cosmolite® contributes to reducing environmental impact and promoting industrial renewal.

The five different collections of Cosmolite® slabs are perfect for extensive surfaces where environmental sensitivity is essential. The COSMO collection is ideal for those who appreciate individuality and want to add a touch of magic to their interiors. With its “speckled” texture, it evokes the beauty of the universe, including galaxies and the Milky Way.

The METEOR collection offers four pale, natural shades that recreate the elegant effect of stone. From the darkest to the most evanescent light, Meteor provides interiors with timeless charm and sophistication. The PLANET collection invites you to look up at the sky on a summer’s night and imagine the wonders of the universe. Traditional and nuanced, its design details are always contemporary.

With the K-STAR collection, Cosmolite® offers a grittier, more modern range of colors and visual appearances, including the striking Stargreen shade. Finally, the VENANTIS collection is characterized by thin through veins that run all over the surface, creating a sense of continuity in the design and aesthetics of the final product.

Overall, Cosmolite® is an exceptional product that combines innovation, sustainability, and beauty. By choosing this product for your kitchen, you are making a statement about your commitment to the environment and your appreciation for stunning design.

Maximum dimensions Cosmolite

Cosmolite® maximum dimensions 144x307x2cm or if you prefer to know the maximum size in millimeters, the maximum dimensions of Cosmolite slabs are 1440x3070x20mm

Cosmolite collection 2023

Ventais collection:

These colors in the Cosmolite Ventais collection are: Black Juno, Green Artemis, Beige Igea, Grey Argo, Grey Titano and White Teti.

Cosmolite venatis collection


Meteor collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite Meteor collection are: Meteor Ice, Meteor Gold, Meteor Light and Meteor Dark.

cosmolite meteor collection


K-Star collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite K-Start collection are: Starblack, Stargreen, Stargrey and Starwhite.

cosmolite planet

Planet collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite Planet collection are White Planet, Black Planet and Grey Planet.

cosmolite planet

Cosmo collection:

The colors in the Cosmolite Cosmo collection are: Cosmo, Mint and astro.

Cosmolite cosmo collection

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