Florim Tundra new ceramics collection

Florim Tundra the Patagonia inspired

A ceramic alternative to the quartzite Patagonia, Florim has now added a realistic ceramic look to its collection, the Florim Tundra. Available in 6mm, 12mm and 20mm. Both glossy and matt are now available in the Florim Nature Mood Collection.

The Tundra is available as bookmatch slabs as a Florim Tundra A and Florim Tundra B slab. As you might know, this material is available for kitchen worktop use in a maximum slab size of 320x160x1,2cm (3200x1600x12mm). And for interior use and bathrooms also in XXL tile sizes. Because Florim ceramics is calibrated, you can match their different sizes. The following sizes are available:

  • 120×280 cm (48″x111″)
  • 120×240 cm (48″x95″)
  • 120×120 cm (48″x48″)
  • 80×180 cm (32″x71″)
  • 60×120 cm (24″x48″)
  • 30×120 cm (12″x48″)
  • 26,5×180 cm (101/2“x71”)
  • 20×180 cm (8″x71″)

R10B tile finish – anti slip

For Flooring use make sure you inform for the availability of R10B finish. This is always a mat surface. This is an anti slip tile that is less slippery when it is wet. Of course you still have to be careful.

In the example kitchen you see that a PITT cooking  looks very nice in this design.

The Florim Nature Mood Collection

The ceramic patagonia inspired look of the Tundra is only a part of the Nature Mood Collection.

There are more Marble looks in this collection, like the:

  • Florim Mountain Peak
  • Florim Glacier
  • Florim Rainforest
  • Florim Riverbed

Then there are also Ceramic slabs that have wood looks in the Florim Nature Mood Collection, like the:

  • Florim Plank 01
  • Florim Plank 02
  • Florim Plank 03
  • Florim Plank 04
  • Florim Plank 05
  • Florim Plank 06


The slab design of the Tundra

(Florim is known for their consistent production, but please keep in mind that these images are indicative)