Imperiale Patagonia

Quartzsite Imperiale Patagonia, also known as Patagonian natural stone is one of the most extraordinary and picturesque stones found in nature. A stone characterized by strength and hardness, it has a graphic effect of extraordinary beauty. Projects of this material are characterized by an extraordinary combination of shapes and colors.
White, black, beige and brown areas are interspersed with other shades of translucent gray quartz with golden streaks.
With beige and brown tones accented with translucent gray and gold stripes, this natural stone is perfect for kitchen countertops, water islands, outdoor kitchens , exterior and interior walls.

Patagonia Natural Stone is a very special granite and quartz stone quarried in Brazil. It shows fragments of different types of natural stone fused together to create an organic collage of shapes and colors.

There will always be some degree of color difference, even within the same batch. We work with an online warehouse to display the slabs to choose from.
This unique natural stone has one of the most striking speckled patterns, reminiscent of the rugged landscape from which it takes its name. Creates a striking effect and warm look in any room.

New to our ceramic collection.

New to our ceramics collection (the Keramik Collection) is Imperiale Patagonia.

This fantastic historic stone type now also with the advantages of ceramic. This material is available in a thickness of 12mm.

The maximum plate dimensions are 3150x1500x12mm or 315x150x1,2 cm.

Regarding the finish, it is important to know that at the time of writing it is available with a polished finish.

As an example, here is a picture of the plate: