Stijlvol wonen: Magnum Edition Deluxe by Luuk Kroekenstoel

About the project



Material Composite
Colour Ceasarstone 4130
Location Doetinchem, the Netherlands
Project finish 2019 august

Together with Luuk Kroekenstoel from Kroekenstoel Excellence Design, we got the opportunity to take care of the complete interior of a 1930s mansion. Luuk Kroekenstoel: ‘For me the interior means so much more than making a drawing for the customer. The interior tells the story of a person. It is like a mirror of how they are and where they want to go.’

Interior projects always start with an appointment at the head office of Kroekenstoel Excellence Design. The showroom gives a fantastic impression of all the possibilities this company offers. But the most important part of that showroom is the customer and his or her wishes. It starts with the basics: who is the customer? Does he live alone or with a busy family? What is his job? All these questions help Luuk to get an impression of who is sitting opposite him. He then compiles a profile so that he can make the best plans for the interior.

After this first meeting Luuk makes a sketch. He also creates a collage of materials and colours that belong to this specific client. This creates a complete illustration of a new interior. Luuk: ‘Combine the right colours, structures and materials, and you will see that they connect in just the perfect way.’

An important part of a luxurious interior is using the right materials for the kitchen worktop, the bathroom and the toilet. Through the questions Luuk asks his clients, Bespoke 1988 brings the appropriate advice. For example, if a client wants to use real marble, we look at the correct use of it. Nowadays there are alternatives available with a similar look. Imagine a busy family: a composite worktop offers a much better solution than traditional marble. The material is harder, more resistant to stains and has a matt finish. All properties that come in handy for a family.