Travertino Classico

Travertine Romano Classico (Travertino Classico) is a beige limestone with distinct veins throughout the stone. Mined in Tivoli, Italy. Travertine has many holes, which is plugged with resin. Travertine is a lot softer than granite, making it excessively scratch and stain sensitive. Travertine is perfect for outdoor use but we do not recommend it for interior work.

New in our range is the Imperiale Travertino. Ceramic with the same look and feel;

A beige cream-coloured ceramic with beautiful fine light brown veins that gives it the coveted warm look. Known in some cases as Moon Travertino Classico

Travertine back from the past

Like Terrazzo, Travertin has been ”out” for quite a while. In the past, these were actually popular materials that were used frequently. Now they are back.

Travertine gives a warm natural look without being overpowering. So now in the in popular ceramics.

Ceramic is the right choice if you want to enjoy your kitchen worktop carefree. Ceramic is extremely hard, heat and scratch resistant and, above all, very beautiful.

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