It is not just transport. It is the protection of over a thousand years worth of nature’s creation.

The transportation of natural stones needs a different treatment from the average pallet of construction supplies.


The artwork nature created over centuries needs to be packed and handled carefully.

It takes nature centuries in order to create natural stones. That is why it is incredibly important to respect the material, for example through minimizing cutting waste and careful transportation. This is of course true for mechanically formed material such as Dekton, ceramics and composite. With these materials it is equally important to transport the stone panels in a careful manner. In order to ensure the best possible transportation solutions, Bespoke 1988 has established a team that is specialized in the transportation of kitchen tops and large stone panels. We look forward to welcoming you in our warehouse in Bake, the Netherlands. From there, we coordinate our import and export. You can expect us to be flexible and punctual when we it comes to the planning of the delivery. Have you chosen for a delivery without installation? In that case we deliver the countertop to the front door. We can also expand our delivery services if that is better catering towards your needs. Our transportation team delivers your stone materials to the right place at the right time – also when it comes to unique locations. More than once, we’ve delivered countertops via cranes through a roof, or through windows of upper floors with a special lift. We even have experiences with executing deliveries at canal houses in Amsterdam with small stairs and fragile flooring or exclusive yachts. We always find a way to get your stone panels to your location in a safe and responsible way.

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