The highest possible quality standards.

Chose wisely

The most important condition for a beautiful result is quality in each step of the process, of course also when it comes to the selection of materials.

In the world of natural stones, the finishing of stone types can be very different. Bespoke 1988 is only partnering with suppliers that aim for an extraordinary high quality. Stone types are being exploited all over the world, but our stone is being exploited, especially for us, in Europe. Furthermore, we have the ability to work on high quality finishing in our own workshop.

Industrial products

Industrially exploited stone types. Practical, low maintenance and luxurious. Perfect for every-day use.


Natural products

Unique and natural. Those are the key words describing stone that is formed by nature. Ancient and proved by the passing of time. These stone types guarantee one thing: the worktop you’ve chosen is the only one of its kind.


We like to brainstorm with you about the possibilities.

Are you looking for exotic natural stone? We can deliver that for you. Are you thinking about a technically complex set-up? We are looking forward to getting in touch with you. Leave your contact details here.