Baked under high temperatures

Light and robust material

Discover the possibilities of a ceramic countertop, ceramic in the bathroom and ceramic facade cladding.

About Ceramic

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Ceramic is a great alternative for century-old natural stone types and relatively new as material for countertops. It is formed artificially but based completely on natural materials such as clay and quartz. It is backed with high temperatures, which results in the forming of this light but robust material. Ceramics have a matt appearance and are very resistant to scratches and warm pans. Ceramics are available in many different colours and patterns. From beautiful marble looks to luxurious, smooth looks. Ceramics are also frequently applied for high-end façade cladding. A ceramic façade doesn’t only look good, the technical characteristics such as scratch resistant and its ability not to shrink or expand, make this material very suitable for façade applications.

Choose your unique type of ceramic
  • Matt

  • Closed surface
  • Heat resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Scratch resistant

  • Can be fragile on the edges


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