Unique, hard and heat resistant grantie is available in many different finishes and is shock resistant

Formed by time

Maybe you’ve heard about igneous rock. Granite thanks her origin to clotted lava. The century old product is often chosen because of its favorable characteristics. Granite is hard, heat resistant and shock resistant. Granite is  in almost all parts of the world and is a natural stone that is available in a large variety of colours. As granite is formed by nature, every countertop has a unique pattern.

About granite

Highly durable and unique material

Granite exists in many colours and patterns – varying from deep black to warm brown. Granite has been used in important buildings for over thousands of years. The pyramids in Egypt for example, are built largely of this beautiful stone type. Granite is formed deep under the earth’s crust, when magna cools down and is pressed under high pressure. This results in highly durable material, that is perfect for many use cases. That is why it is one of the most used stone types for kitchen countertops. Accidentally putting a warm pan on a granite countertop doesn’t give any problems.

Choose your granite type
  • Ekoantik
  • Leather
  • Matt
  • Polished

  • Heat resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Unique patterns
  • Very hard

  • Needs regular maintenance
  • Natural imperfections
  • Open surface
  • Thermal shock can occur (if Granite has cooled down, for example during winter and you put a hot pan on the surface, a thermal shock can occur)
  • Not protected against acids


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