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At Bespoke 1988, we have a good understanding of the market dynamics and are very knowledgeable when it comes to the best production facilities for natural stones across the globe. This enables us to have a proper understanding regarding the stone’s original location and ensures that we deliver the highest quality materials. Bespoke 1988 even has the exclusive distribution rights for certain stone types. These materials have been purchased directly at the mine site. After our designers have translated your dreams to a design, and we’ve measured everything, the CAD files are sent to the manufacturer. At the manufacturer, the CNC-machine will cut the stone panel with the right contours. Subsequently, another machine will be used for the finishing. During this part of the production process, the stone panel will get the required finishing – glossy, matt or any other exterior requirement you’ve demanded. This process followed by a polishing of the panel’s corners. Last but not least, strengthening beams will be added to the panel. The craftsmanship throughout the production process requires years of experience. That is why we selected manufacturers as our partners, that give young designers the chance to develop themselves. They are being coached by mentors with at least 15 years of experience in the stone processing business. Because at Bespoke 1988, we think that it is important that the quality of this high-skilled work, needs to be sustained in the future and we love to contribute to that.

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