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We like to dream about what is possible. Even more important, we like to do what seems impossible. With this in mind, we founded Bespoke 1988. Through the years, we built a network of craftsmen who love their job. In Europe, mainly in Italy, we found the right supplier for every product. Because we are not bounded to one supplier, we have the ability to find the best suitable solution for each project.

This is how we distinguish ourselves from the average stone trader. Especially as we’re not bounded to stock or expensive machinery, we are able to give independent advice. This results not only in the best choice for the material or colours that are available for your project; it also enables us to guarantee the best possible delivery time, without making concessions to our high quality-standards.

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Projects make us tick. Thanks to our years of experience and broad network, we are an indispensable link between the demand for your project and the supply of our incredible Italian suppliers. Our added value goes beyond the perfect product. We are the partner for completing complex stone projects. We serve a broad range of businesses, active in designing and realizing town houses, gardens and business-to-business projects. Where applicable, we’re ready to support and assist with advice, subcontracting, sales support, measuring, design and technical drawing, assembly and important: aftersales.

Leading creativity, innovative solutions and intelligent choices regarding suppliers enable us to offer you stone for your projects for a competitive price. Quality and accuracy are important. Save precious time and let us do what we do well. Do you want to do part of the project management yourself and let us deliver on your location? That is no problem either, we ensure that the stones needed are sophisticatedly produced.

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