Sustainable stone

Across the globe, stones are being exploited. The exclusive purchase approach of Bespoke 1988 reaches from South-Africa till Norway and from Brazil to India. The most beautiful stones from every part of the world are unique in their color patterns and look and feel. Created by nature and mined with heavy, special equipment. This equipment is necessary because of the size of the stones. Every block of stone weighs up until 20.000 kilograms. Bespoke 1988 is very stringent in the selection of partners that our stone suppliers leverage, given the impact on our planet. That is why we also focus on sustainable alternatives, such as composites. All stone types are being processed by special craftsmen who are employed by our Italian partners. When selecting our partners, we only select the best. That is what we always keep in mind when we onboard new partners in any of our processes.

To us, it is very important that stones are produced while meeting high, supervised standards. We do this together with our partners in the International Corporate Responsibility Strategy (ICRS). We aim to make the biggest impact on the long term with regards to these themes. Because international productions are often less transparent, we prefer doing business with European partners. That is how we can ensure where the stone for your project is coming from.


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